American Bar and Dinning: The Great Burger, Shibuya, Tokyo

So let’s set the scene: it is Sunday, we had been out on Saturday night as if we were still in our twenties. We woke up and had to face the reality: we are not young anymore… OMG what are we going to img_3188do!

The good news was that we were in Tokyo where everything was possible. We grabbed our phones and Googles “best burger in Tokyo”. We went through a few articles until my husband said “I found one, doesn’t look too bad”.

Aright then! Off we went to Shibuya to try this burger. I didn’t have much expectations; after all we were in Japan.

The Place
We strolled in the small streets of Shibuya until we eventually found this place “The Great Burger”. I think it worth mentioning that navigating in Tokyo isn’t an easy task as most of the street aren’t indicated …

It was small but looked so cute! Californian style, wood everywhere with an American flag hung on the wall, light bulbs in the shape of a star on the ceiling and icing on the cake, Ted 2 played on a screen at the back of the restaurant.img_3189

The Food

It didn’t take us long to figure out what we wanted: cheeseburger and French fries please!

The food arrived in no time, smelled and looked delicious and the taste…. Simply divine.

Now, I am no expert in burger but I am a big fan. I have tried quite a few in London and it is fair to say that it was the best burger I have ever had.

The Service

Polite, efficient, in other words, perfect.

The MenuThe Great Burger

The selection is quite good, mostly American food.

It terms of pricing, it is average; not too expensive but not cheap either. After all, we were in Tokyo.

The Location

It is not very easy to find (at least for tourists …) but it is still a nice walk as the street are filled with nice little shops.

Do I recommend The Great Burger?



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