American Bar and Dinning: Rita’s, Hackney, London (Permanently Closed)

I discovered this restaurant thanks to one of my friends.

Since we had decided to go for brunch and both live in East London, she mentioned this American place where she had been a few times and really liked.

It didn’t take much to convince me: waffles, pancakes, the deal was made.

The Place

IMG_2453Rita’s is quite small and you could easily miss it on Mare Street.

The first thing you will find when walking in the restaurant is the bar area which was empty when we arrived.

At the far end of the bar is where the restaurant begins. It’s small, has no windows and only a few tables.

Being borderline claustrophobic, I didn’t feel too comfortable about this but since we were sitting close to the bar and the backdoor was open, I didn’t mind at all.

The Food

The food is delicious and the dishes are unusually flavoured.IMG_2497

I initially ordered the cheddar and bacon buttermilk pancake that came highly recommended by my friend but unfortunately, they had run out so instead, I ordered the black bread avocado on toast. It was delicious! I am not sure what was in the sauce of the avocado but OMG!

My friend ordered the fried chicken and waffle that came with sausage gravy and honey. It was absolutely amazing!

The Service

The service was a bit slow as only two waiters were working that day but they were both very smiley and polite.

The MenuIMG_2452

Only a few items were available on the lunch menu but I enjoyed my food so much that I have made it my mission to come back as many time as necessary to try all the different plates!

It terms of pricing, it is average; not too expensive but not cheap either.

The Location

The location isn’t ideal if you are travelling on the tube but there is quite a number of buses that go to Rita’s and you can also walk from London Fields.

Do I recommend Rita’s?

YES, YES, YES ! It is by far one of the best American brunch I have eaten in London.


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