How to Make Strawberry Roses

Cake It all began the day I volunteered to bake desert for a friend’s birthday. It might sound trivial to some of you but in my case the pressure was horrible.

Why? Because I am rubbish at baking cakes ….

There is however one desert I master, it’s the Financier (and I strongly advise you to try my recipe!).

Now, if you’ve clicked on the like above and looked at the picture, you will have noticed that this desert is served as individual portions.

Not being sure that baking it as a whole cake would turned out the same, I decided to stick to the original recipe and buy some fruits to decorate my plate.

I went to the supermarket, bought some seasonal fruits: blackberries and strawberries.

I tried to picture my desert and thought: “How unoriginal Soph. For someone who writes a food blog, that’s pretty poor …”.

Quick FYI, for my birthday, these same friends baked an amazing cheesecake… The bar was high!

But then I had an idea.

Why not decorate my strawberries?!

I had seen in the past a few posts on Pinterest about strawberry roses which I found really cool.

As this was my first attempt, as one would expect, I googled “how to make strawberry roses”.

I watched a few tutorials on Youtube but didn’t really get it until I found this video.

About the video.

Honestly, it is a great tutorial; easy and straight to the point.

There is however one thing this video doesn’t mention, it is that, in order to be able to bend the petals, you actually need to cut quite thin slices (it will make more sense once you watch the tutorial I promise!).

It took me a few strawberries to figure that one out….

Also, the fork isn’t really mandatory.

Apart from that, all I have to say is Go for it!

I ended up with a pretty cool birthday cake and that’s all thanks to you Shari’s Berries!



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