Why I stopped eating supermarket dairy products

If there is one thing all of my friends know about me is that I love cheese and if you ask them which one is my favourite, they will all know that it is goat cheese!

Now, here is the problem. I recently came across this video (if you watch it, be prepared to be really grossed out), and once I finished watching it, I was devastated.

What is this video?

In this quite graphic video, Erin Janus takes five minutes to explain how the industrialised dairy farms work and let me warn you, she cuts right to the chase.

She for example explains (and shows…) how cows are continuously artificially inseminated so that they keep on producing milk until they eventually die of exhaustion. She also explains how they often end up with infected udders leading to blood being passed in the milk. Yep you heard me … There is cow blood in our milk!

These are only a few examples, there are more in this video and I honestly think it is worth watching. As mentioned, it is graphic and chances are you will end up like me; disgusted! But if you really care about your health and knowing what’s in the food you eat every day, then go ahead.

So what did I do about it?

The day I watched this video, I got back home after work and the first thing I did was to throw away all the dairy products in my fridge. The following week end, I went to the supermarket to buy soy based products.

At first, I was fine. I was confident that I had made the right choice and talked about it to my friends encouraging them to watch this video. But a few weeks passed and I was really missing my goat cheese. A life without cheese wasn’t really a life for me … So I started thinking. What could be a good alternative?

And it struck me!

What had shocked me the most was the treatment of the cows. How could I possibly be fine with the idea of eating anything coming from an animal that had been treated in such a way. Even my beloved goat cheese wasn’t a good enough reason.

And then one week-end, my husband and I decided to go for lunch at Borough Market, in London. We were walking around the market looking at the different stalls when suddenly, it hit me. What if I could find cheese that wasn’t produced by huge corporate industrial farms? I was just in the right place! I ended up buying an organic, grass fed, goat cheese (obviously) that was produced by a lovely British farmer.

That day, when I got back home with my delicious goat cheese, I was happy; I had found the solution.


All of this leads us to the conclusion. This video has had a big impact on my life.

I no longer drink cow milk. The reason for that is because I drink quite a lot of milk and going to organic shops or markets to buy my milk would end up being quite costly. So instead, I drink almond and coconut milk.

When it comes down to cream and yogurts, same thing, I buy coconut, soy or almond based products.

Now, the cheese … Well eating soy cheese just isn’t the same. So I am sticking to dairy but instead of buying the crap that supermarkets sell, I treat myself every so often and buy the good stuff sold by conscious farmers.



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