The Abel and Cole Experiment

After watching numerous documentaries on Netflix, I decided to start eating organic.

When I made that decision, I was working in the city and shopping organic wasn’t an easy task. The only organic shop close by was Planet Organic which is a great store but not a very cheap one …

I shopped there for about a month until my bank account gave up on me. When that happened I had to find an alternative and that’s when I remembered about a website that a friend of my husband had recommended to us a while ago. You guessed it, it is Abel and Cole.

In a nutshell, Abel and Cole delivers to your door every week a box of organic and seasonal products of your choice. They have a variety of options going from a simple box of fruits or vegetables to an entire meal.

I browsed their website and was amazed by the diversity of their products and how little it was costing (well at least compared to Planet Organic). So I started by ordering a weekly box of fruits and vegetables and really enjoyed it!

What is so exciting about fruits and vegetables you may ask.

I agree, it sounds strange … So let me explain.

When I received my first box, the one on the picture, the first thing I noticed was how fresh the fruits and vegetables were.

I took a look at the stuff that was in the box and started planning my meals for the week. The first evening, we ate tomatoes and guess what I found out. Tomatoes actually taste good!

Now, remember when I told you they deliver seasonal fruits and vegs? What this means is that you will never receive the same box. You might have potatoes in your box one week and none the following.

I understand this could be inconvenient for some people but personally I found it great because variety meant diversity in my diet.

A month passed and not once did I feel let down by Abel and Cole, so I moved on to the next stage of my master plan.

Stage two, grocery shopping.

Guys, I only have one word to describe stage two: OH.MY.GOD!

The products were AMAZING and the packaging! Guys the packaging!

Oh dear, I am getting ahead of myself … Before I go any further, let me rewind a little bit and explain. Grocery shopping on Abel and Cole is a bit different than the fruits and vegetables boxes because this time you are the one choosing what you receive.

In addition to my box, I chose what I wanted to receive (for example bread) and the frequency at which I wanted to receive it (for example every other week). Of course all products are organic and locally sourced.

Now back to the OH.MY.GOD part.

My first order had fresh fish and meat and honestly, it was so well packaged that I could have easily left it outside the fridge the all day, it would have remained fresh.

On the day of my first delivery, they also rang me after they had delivered my order to ask me if I was happy with where they had left it.

That’s what I call customer service with a capital C.

The end.

Now let’s conclude. Even though I do not shop at Abel and Cole anymore (reason is that I now work close to Waitrose which happens to have a great selection of organic products), I definitely recommend it.

They really care about their customers and the products they sell.

Quick FYI before I finish. I just want to indicate that this is an independent review. I do not work for Abel and Cole and have not received any payment or freebies to write this article.


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