Asian Food: Mama Lan, Clapham Common, London

The Place

RestaurantMama Lan is a small restaurant with only a few tables (about 6 if I remember correctly).

Since we had dinner quite early that day, we were lucky enough to get a table right away but it is not always the case. They do not take reservations which means that on busy nights, you might have to queue.

The décor is minimalist as you can see on the picture but it works! Its simplicity really adds to the relaxed and chilled out atmosphere.

The Food

FoodWe ordered a bunch of stuff from the menu.

We started with the beef and spring onions dumplings which were absolutely delicious. The dumplings were well stuffed and cooked perfectly.

We then moved on to the spicy chicken buns. The chicken was really good and not too spicy. However, having tried buns before, I was expecting it to be very soft which wasn’t the case.

We also tried the prawn buns. Again, they were really good but same comment for the bun.

Finally, we had the spicy beef noodle soup, which is the soup displayed on the picture, and let me tell you, it was spicy. However, the noodles were fresh and the beef was tender and tasty.

Overall, we liked everything we tried and found the food fresh and full of flavours.

The Service

We got served very quickly. The staff was super friendly and attentive to our every needs.

One thing to bear in mind though is that Mama Lan prides itself for being a street food restaurant. It means that dishes are served as they come which worked perfectly for us as we had decided to share everything.

The Menu

The menu is as the place, simple, but with a good selection of dumplings, noodle soups and street food.

They also have quite a few vegetarian options which is a bonus.

In terms of pricing, we found Mama Lan really affordable.

The Location

Mama Lan is literally in front of Clapham Common station, so it is really easy to access.

However, the place being quite small, you might miss it if you walk pass it. If you want to go there, I would recommend to look the address up beforehand.

Do I Recommend Mama Lan?

Absolutely! And personally, I would definitely go back!

Oh, I almost forgot. What if you have to queue? Well, I think it’s worth the wait.


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