Let’s Work Together and Create the EU Cuisine!

Hi Guys!

Today is going to be a different type of post. I don’t usually express political opinions on my blog but, being one of the 2 million Europeans living in the UK, I have been very saddened and angered by the decision to leave the European Union.

The goal of the European Union was to create a peaceful, united and prosperous Europe. The world has of course changed a lot since the creation of this Union, Europe is in crisis and reforms are needed. However, the positive effect the EU has had on cultural awareness, tolerance and the emergence of a European identity amongst the younger generation is undeniable.

Now more than ever is time to demonstrate our support to the EU.

There are so many ways we can express ourselves and our opinion; I have chosen to express mine through my passion, cooking. Each country has its own cuisine. Let’s create one for the EU!

Join me on this project and show off what you can do! Like, share and post your recipes, no matter what they look or taste like using the #EUcuisine.

We are all Europeans so let’s share our kitchen!

And here is my first post on this topic: Link

What a better way to start this project off than a Franco-British fusion? The French Paupiette and the British Fish and Chips are timeless classics so I decided to combine the two together and came up with this brillant dish! I must warn you, it is delicious.



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