EU Cuisine: The Fish and Chips Paupiette

Serves 2

Prep: 30 min

Cook: 10 min



150g of peas

2tbs of double cream

1/2tbs of butter

2 sea bass fillets

½ litter of olive oil

40g of plain flour

1 garlic clove finely chopped

1/2 tsp of paprika

1 egg beaten

80ml of beer

Cooking string

Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste



The Mushy Peas

  1. Cook the peas in salted boiling water for 3 minutes.
  2. Drain the peas and transfer them to a blender.
  3. Add the butter, cream, salt and pepper and mix.

The Fish:

  1. Slice each fillet in half, lengthwise.
  2. Spread a bit of mushy peas on top of each slice of fish.
  3. To form the paupiette, place 1 slice of fish on a flat surface and another one on top to form the shape of an X.
  4. Roll the top slice onto itself and the bottom one around it.
  5. Use the cooking string to tie it up and repeat the same steps for the 2 remaining slices.
  6. Heat the oil in saucepan to 185ºC.
  7. In the meantime, in a mixing bowl, combine the flour, paprika, salt, pepper, garlic, egg. Gradually mix the beer until a thin batter is formed.
  8. Dip the fish paupiettes into the mix until it is completely covered with the mixture.
  9. Dip each paupiette into the oil turning them once one side is golden brown.
  10. Drain the paupiettes on kitchen paper and serve!


Credit: this recipe is inspired by allrecipes UK


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